Our Expectations

slideshow4Every CSAR Member is expected to complete a minimum of 40 hours per annum; however, the reality of time commitments can be very different from the 40 hour annual minimum. On average, our Members tend to commit at least 100 hours per year.

CSAR hosts a monthly training session or meeting on the second Thursday of every month and all members are asked to attend – not just to maintain the team atmosphere but also to continue to develop high standards of search and rescue techniques. Simply put, if you do not show up to regular training then your team mates will not know who you are and at what level your skills are at.  This can have significant implications in the field on a search or incident.


As our Membership grows, so does our commitment to ensuring that all members have the opportunity to undertake courses, at no cost to our members, and certify in the following:

Search & Rescue Basics

Standard First Aid Level C

Team Leadership

Advanced Team Leadership

Lost Person Behaviour

Incident Command System 100 and 200

Search Manager

Search & Rescue Basics Instructor

ATV Operator

AST Level 1 and Level 2

ATV Instructor

In addition to these our Training Team, under supervision of our Training Director continually provide ands on training in the following areas:

• Radio Communications
• GPS and Compass Navigation
• Wilderness skills and survival
• Winter wilderness skills and survival
• Bear Awareness
• Much, much more