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Cochrane Search and Rescue Association is a charity that saves lives. We provide on-call professional dedicated search and rescue Volunteers 24/7.

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CSAR provides many opportunities for learning, building skills and assisting your community.

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Our History

Cochrane Search & Rescue was formed in 2001 and has been involved in many searches, incidents and events since this time.

Recent History

Our organization is a not-for-profit charity and all members are Volunteers.  We rely solely on donations, community fundraising and the goodwill of our Cochrane community.

How to Help Us

Need Help?

Volunteer Search & Rescue (SAR) organizations like CSAR cannot initiate a search; the authorities call us and we respond.  If you believe that you need help please contact 911 immediately. If 911 does not work in your area then dial zero (0) and tell the operator you need search and rescue.

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