About Cochrane SAR

Cochrane Search & Rescue Association (CSAR) focuses on the overall objective that we have deployable resources ready any minute of any day to respond to the needs of our community, our tasking agencies and our immediate “CSAR Family”.

Our Goals and Objectives

CSAR’s overall goal is to continually strive to improve our search and rescue capabilities to deliver a valuable service to our community and surrounding area. We will leverage member knowledge, equipment and technology to increase our search effectiveness.

Our Partners

We continually strive to build relationships within our community and work closely with other local search and rescue organizations and the various Government organizations that can, and frequently have, called us to respond to an emergency or search.

Local SAR Partners

Presently we are closely associated with Calgary Search and Rescue, Foothills Search and Rescue and Olds Search and Rescue.

It is our intent to develop these existing relationships as well as encourage a mutual growth and connection spanning the South West of the Rocky Mountains, foothills and prairie lands.

Tasking Agencies

CSAR work under the jurisdiction and area of Cochrane RCMP as well as collaborate with Cochrane Fire, Parks Canada, Kananaskis Emergency Services and Conservation Officers.

Our Resources

Over the last few years, CSAR has seen an increase in the level of professionalism and specialization in certain areas.  Our “bread and butter” are our Ground Search teams yet CSAR boasts additional resources in the form of a K9 Section, ATV Section, and Search Manager Team.

Ground Search

Perhaps the most important aspect of any SAR Organization, Ground SAR teams form the backbone of any missing person, evidence or other incident.  From groups of three (3) to seven (7) our Ground SAR Teams perform a variety of different search procedures.  Each team is lead by a Team Leader who, in turn, reports directly to the Search Manager.

K9 Section

K9s form a very valuable addition to ground search teams and can, if appropriately trained and certified, be used for missing persons, evidence, cadaver, tracking and rubble searching.

CSARs own K9 Section was created in 2014 and strives to achieve two main aims:

  • Provision of professional K9 Teams that compromise of a K9, the K9 Handler and Navigator
  • To only field certified K9s who have undergone certification with the RCMP

In order to achieve certification with the RCMP, all CSAR K9 Handlers are also members of the Canadian Search Dog Association (CSDA) and fall under their rules and regulations.

Our K9 Section train weekly within CSAR and our Handlers and K9s, as noted above, train for many more hours with the CSDA.

ATV Section

Presently, our ATV section compromises of two CSAR ATVs, two Member ATVs, an ATV Trailer and truck.  Again, our aim is to ensure our ATV Operators practice regularly to ensure that all aspects of ATV Searching are practiced time and again – ready to be deployed at a moments notice.

Search Manager Team

Using the Incident Command System (ICS) and Lost Person Behaviour (LPB) our Search Managers receive the highest level of training, undergo regular Search Manager Training sessions and maintain our mobile command centre.

CSAR Family

As with all people, our own Membership may require help at times from their teammates.  Cochrane Search & Rescue prides itself on the fact that in addition to serving our community and surrounding area – any one of our Members can reach out for help and it will be given, without question and with dignity.